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Responsibilities of the Waxahachie Crime Stopper’s Board of Directors and Law Enforcement Coordinator –


The board is responsible for a variety of tasks. These include:

§        Setting the agenda for upcoming board meetings;

§        Setting policy within the framework of the legal documents which create and control the program including the day to day operations and the coordinator’s office;

§        Determining amount and method of rewards and ensuring that rewards are paid;

§        Overseeing the administrative coordinator;

§        Acting as trustee of funds which must be administered in a prudent and legal manner;

§        Actively recruit potential board members.

§        Fundraising. Developing new initiatives for curbing crime;

§        Developing a financial plan and then provides the logistical support to ensure execution.

§        Publicity – preparing displays, slide shows, flip charts, computer, PowerPoint presentations, videos, bumper stickers, window placards, billboard signs, bill mailing enclosures, printed messages on grocery bags, and other advertising.

§        Arranging feature news stories and public service announcements about the program.

§        Maintaining liaisons with the media, the coordinator, and law enforcement agencies, and

§        Providing insurance and legal protection for the program against criminal and/or civil liability.

The Chairman shall:

§        Be the principal officer.

§        Preside at all meetings.

§        Co-sign all checks $100 or  more, promissory notes, and contracts.

The Vice Chairman shall:

§        Assume duties assigned by the chairman and the Board of Directors.

§        In the absence of the chairman, preside at all meetings.

§        In the absence of the chairman, co-sign all checks $100 or over, notes, and contracts.

The Secretary shall:

§        Record proceedings of all meetings.

§        Provide all board members a copy of the minutes of each meeting.

§        Assume duties assigned by the chairman and the board of directors.

§        Have the authority to sign any check under $100.

The Treasurer shall:

§        Be custodian of all funds.

§        Provide a financial report at each meeting.

§        Co-sign all checks over $100, promissory notes, and contracts.

§        Disburse rewards to individuals, or to police officers on behalf of such individuals, as authorized by the board.


Coordinator – Law Enforcement Officer

The coordinator must have an outgoing personality, impeccable reputation, excellent communication skills, and much self-motivation.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to, the following:

§        Screening calls, verifying information, and forwarding to appropriate agency to investigate;

§        Following up with investigators on status and if additional information is needed;

§        Maintaining tip files by keeping them updated, accurate, and secure;

§        Maintaining statistics for the program, including the number of calls, number of cases solved,

§        Amount of stolen property recovered, and narcotics seized resulting from successful tips;

§        Working with local media to produce re-enactments, ensuring that the “Crime of the Week” and other projects are accurately publicized;

§        Appearing with members of Crime Stoppers board of directors at public speaking functions;

§        Promoting the program with all law enforcement agencies with whom the board has dealings;

§        Meeting monthly with the Crime Stoppers board;

§        Presenting a comprehensive coordinator’s report to the board on unusual activities, cases of interest, and solved cases to assist board members in determining reward amounts, and

§        Explaining the pay out process to tipsters.



Texas Crime Stoppers Board Information – 2012

 Agency: Waxahachie Crime Stoppers, Inc.

 Agency Address: 116 San Jacinto 

 City: Waxahachie Zip: 75165

 County: Ellis

 Agency Hotline: (972-937-7297)  Agency Website:

Agency E-Mail:


Members Holding Current Positions:

 Chairman’s Name: Ken Alexander

Term: 2012, 2011 Vice-Chairman

Vice-Chairman’s Name: Bev Carrick

Term: 2011-2012

Treasurer’s Name: Shree Kent

Term: 2011-2012

Secretary’s Name: Angie Williams

Term: 2011-2012

Coordinator’s Name: Officer Wess Winn

Address: 216 N. College Street City: Waxahachie     Zip: 75165

Phone: (972-937-9940 ext 212)     Fax: ( )

Past Board Members:

 Chair Name: Marc Mangan

Term: 2011-2012 (left July 8, 2012)



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